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The word 'AXON' means the nerves ending on neuron responsible for transforming information through nervous system i.e. brain and spine.


To work towards a spine disease-free society by eradicating pain, fear, and misbeliefs through holistic and best-in-class individualized treatment.

To provide state-of-the-art accessible, accurate, and affordable operative and non-operative spine disease treatment to all. 



Dr.Harshil R. Patel heads the Axon Spine Clinic with his acuity and expertise of 5+ years. He hails and is based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. His ceaseless dedication, top-grade training, and achievements in the field of spine surgery make him one of the finest experts in the field.

Present Designation

He is currently the Chief Spine Surgeon at Axon Spine Centre, and the Assistant Professor at the Department of Spine Surgery, Civil Hospital Ahmedabad.

He is also the Consultant Spine Surgery (OPD+Surgery) in many hospitals within and outside Ahmedabad such as Saraswati Hospital, Bopal (Ahmedabad), Shaleen Hospital, Science City (Ahmedabad), Vedant Hospital, Bavla, Iraa Hospital, Dahod, and many others.

Dr.Harshil Completed his MBBS from B.J. Medical College, Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad.

He attained his Gold Medal in M.S. Orthopedics in 2017 from his former institution and later obtained the FISS fellowship the same year.

The Fellowship in Spine Surgery allowed him to pursue a 2-year Postdoctoral course at the Civil Hospital and Government Spine Institute, Ahmedabad under the aegis of ASSI (Association of Spine Surgeons of India).


Career Highlights

Attained a GOLD MEDAL in M.S Orthopaedics from Gujarat University; Awarded by President of India-Shri Ramnath Kovind.

Received Superspecialization in Spine Surgery under ASSI. (which often has up to 7 seats annually)

Dr. Harshil has assisted in over 2500+ surgeries in a short span of 4 years while being attached to a government college.

Being exposed to the government and private sector, he has had the opportunity to handle a variety of many complicated cases.

Has presented a research paper at various National and International Spine Conferences.

Gold Medal in M.S., Orthopaedic

Awarded Gold medal for M.S, Orthopedics in Gujarat University by President of India- Shri Ramnath Kovind.


Axon Spine center is Bopal’s 1st 24*7 Spine super-specialty center. It is a center of excellence that provides comprehensive surgical and non-surgical treatment of all kinds of Spine ailments (diseases and disorders.) We strive to provide precise, individualized, and affordable spine care treatment to all classes of people.

Services we offer :

Surgical management

Non-surgical Pain Management Techniques




What our patients are saying

Yash Dodiya
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I was suffering from severe Kyphosis, from past 8 years, consulted many doctor's across India, they were refraining from the surgery due to complications like Low bone density, low hemoglobin level yet Dr. Harshil Patel sir, took all measures and had full conviction. I got operated by him and in 2 days I was walking by myself, despite being such a big surgery. Result post surgery is phenomenal.
Nilesh Patel
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Excellent Axon spine Hospital, You must recommended if you suffering from related spine problems. Dr. Harshil Patel did surgery of my wife and she is now feel very well and operation is very successful. So Dr. Harshil Patel thank you for your consultation and treatment. Axon spine hospital is very clean and fresh atmosphere. And all staff team is very good and helpful.
Ashwini Patel
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Dr Harshil Patel is one of the best Spine surgeon known to me. I have consulted him for on of my relatives. His knowledge regarding approach to patient and management is commendable . He has operated innumerable challenging spine cases giving exemplary result..
Rushil Shah
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Very Grateful to Dr. Harshil for perfectly explaining about the scoliosis I had by birth. Advising everything in detail about do's and don'ts in the situation. Doctor took away the fear of surgery from my mind in case needed in future. Definitely consult Dr. Harshil if you want precise explanation and correct advice in any kind of situation involving spinal cord. Amazing Doc and A Very Friendly staff.
Prakhar Rastogi
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I went to Dr. Harshil Patel at AXON spine centre to consult for back problem of my relative. Being from medical background, I could tell I found the treatment to the point, very accurate no extra investigations and she was all right in few days.
Krishankant Parmar
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Great experience with Dr. Harshil Patel during spine surgery of my wife. He explained very well about the root cause of leg pain due to nerve compression in lower spine area and how to treat the same. Surgery done successfully and next day able to walk independently. Thanks to Dr. Harshil patel and his team.
Rahul Shah
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A skilled doctor with a great accumen, To him his every patient is important untill they are not cured and go home smiling painless. Hands on of over a couple of thousand surgeries gives him the right mixture of expertise and belief that spinal surgeries are absolutely not to worry about as a patient.
Mayur Patel
Read More
good knowledge dr harshil patel for spine surgery and his honesty and nature is very best and good experience i have feel one experiment:- mayur patel teacher kaneti aadarsh primary school
Vipul Vadadoriya
Read More
I really appreciate the doctor and hospital staff for their help and cooperative nature, Highly recommended for spine surgery. Thank you Dr. Harshil Patel. 🙏🏻
Saurabh Shukul
Read More
Excellent service.... Suppoting staff... Best of experienced doctor.... Dr. Harshil is very efficient and superb in his work... Comfortable stay at the hospital.... Overall loved the experience
Devendra Singh Rathod Ghanerao
Read More
Excellent Axon spine Hospital, You must recommended if you suffering from related spine problems. Dr. Harshil Patel did surgery of my unkal and she is now feel very well and operation is very successful. So Dr. Harshil Patel thank you for your consultation and treatment. Axon spine hospital is very clean and fresh atmosphere. And all staff team is very good and helpful.
Samrat Chouhan
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I was suffering from about a month and more than 20 days of visiting doctor to doctor, one of my friend suggeated about dr. harshil patel and we spoke on call. He started my traetment after seeing my MRI reports and prescriotion. He gave me few medicines and i got relief in pain in 3-4 days. As per his guidence i have started medication, excercise and gradual movements. Now m feeling far better and can do my routine without operation. Thank you dr harshil patel.
Pintu Gujar
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My name is Pintu M Gujjar I work in an implant company I had lower back pain one year ago I consulted Dr. Hasheel Patel sir then where is my MRI report in which I have L5 S1 bulging cushion which is due to displacement of menis vein of brain. I was having a lot of difficulty in standing up to walk due to the pressure on it, then Dr. Hashil Patel sir performed a surgery to remove the pressure on the vein, today I am completely healthy and able to do all my work thanks to Dr. Hashil Patel sir Thank you so much
Akshay Koshti
Read More
15 days into operation and I'm already writing a review! A friend of mine suggested harshil sir, who without a doubt recommended the best things for us and advised to operate as soon as possible. My mom had a severe spine injury and was receiving treatment from a number of doctors, but none of them gave us the results we expected. With just a few limitations for a month following her surgery on July 6th, my mum was fully recovered and able to sit and walk by July 7th.

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The Spine is a structure made of bones and tissues. The Spine is responsible for your backbone structure and transferring information through the spinal cord 

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There are many myths about spinal health. Let us debunk them and take a look at the facts!

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A healthy spine is important for good health and more importantly for good, proper movement

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